Saturday, January 22, 2011

One small event can really throw a monkey wrench in your life.

In the last couple of years I have taken on a huge task of changing my life and career path. I moved back to Colorado late 2009 and could not find work to save my life. After looking at my life and my previous career path, I realized I hated the career I had been in and decided to go back to school.

I recieved financial aid to go to school and after last semester I became a National Registered EMT. After that step I needed to get into school this semester for EKG and IV certifications. For the simple reason I would not be able to get a job in my new field without them. After signing up for my classes and getting my books I was set for another semester of school.

I work very part tme at a bar in Capitol Hill, Denver, Colorado. At work last night someone decided to break into my car and steal a backpack off of the seat. This backpack had my whole school life in it. All my books, my first homework assignments, and a few personal items as well.

After looking into how much finacial aid I have left after aquiring all my books the first time, I have none left to replace them. As well as the cost of repplacing the window in my car, and all the other school supplies in my bag I am in no way able to replace them. My books this semester were easily over $400!

All together this little set back is going to cost me close to, if not over $1000. Which I have to admit, I am in no way shape or form going to be able to do. I might have to drop out of my classes this semester and prolong getting my life in order another 6 months.

I don't usually do things like this, and I'm not one to ask for hand outs, but I need help. I'm not asking for a ton of money, or even the full amount I will need to get things back to normal. I am asking for a little help if you can. In these hard times I know what everyone is going through, so please don't give me anything if you can't help. But if you can help me out with even a buck or two it might add up enough to help me out and save my school semester. Please help if possible and know I am only doing this because I truly have no other way.

My goal is $500 just to cover my books. If you do help thank you so much, and I owe you big time!!

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